UI Foundations | Course & React UI Kit

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An all access license to UI Foundations grants you the following:

  1. Access to the premiere, interactive learning platform to help you level up your UI skills with to-the-point content at uifoundations.com.
  2. Complete access to all components and resources that are a part of UI Foundations Kit, a beautifully designed React component kit for MUI at kit.uifoundations.com.

The price during pre-order roughly aligns with the content available, so you get a discount the earlier you buy.

The course is still in development and components are actively being developed. As features and modules are completed, the price will increment accordingly.

What's Inside?

Inside the Course:

There are currently 3 modules available in the platform. Visual Importance, Design Systems, and Color. Each module is comprised of 5-10 lessons. Each lesson is made up of quizzes, interactive components, and animations that help to demonstrate and teach design tips that are being emphasized and explained.

Visual Importance

The curriculum in this module includes these lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Tools for Visual Importance
  • Importance Visualized
  • Size for Visual Importance
  • Layout for Visual Importance
  • Spacing for Visual Importance
  • Color for Visual Importance
  • Contrast for Visual Importance
  • De-emphasizing Elements

Design Systems

  • Introduction
  • Design Tokens
  • Asset Libraries
  • Reusable Components
  • Consistent Patterns


  • Introduction to Color in UI Design
  • Color Glossary
  • Color Systems (RGB, Hex, HSL, & HSB)
  • Color Scales & Palettes
  • Brightness & Hue
  • Strategies for Accessibility

Here are the sorts of things that are taught and demonstrated within the platform:

Inside the UI Kit:

50+ components have already been created and are available in the UI Foundations Kit library. A professionally crafted theme is included that is written in 100% TypeScript. All code is previewable and can be exported in either JavaScript or TypeScript.

You can click around and explore every available component on the platform.

How does it work when I buy?

After purchasing, you'll receive an invite at the email you used which will grant you password-less access to both the course platform and to UI Foundations Kit. Both platforms accept the same login credentials.

If you have any issues, feel free to reach out to me directly on Twitter or email.


All access to the UI Foundations course and React UI Kit

UI Course
3 modules (Visual Importance, Design Systems, and Color)
UI Kit
50+ copy/paste-able MUI React components


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UI Foundations | Course & React UI Kit

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